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When it comes to installing fire safety you'll need to adopt a top quality fire safety brand such as Fike Fire Systems. Fike is a globally recognised provider of fire safety products and services; they have been an established European fire safety company since 1984. Fike fire products are constantly expanding with new advanced technology and fresh models consistently hitting the fire safety market.

If you're looking to install fire systems within a business or at home then you need to consider Fike fire detectors from Direct Trade Supplies. As one of the leading brands in the fire safety equipment sector you're certain to receive secure, easy to use and well performing devices for any situation. Fike protection systems come in various styles and constructions, from addressable fire alarms to two wire fire systems, all products have gone through vigorous quality inspections and use some of the finest intelligence to prevent fires from spreading.

Buy Fike Fire Systems If You Want To Guarantee Fire Safety

Fike Addressable Fire Systems use a main fire control panel which is wired up to various different fire safety devices. Addressable systems can allow you to detect the exact location of where the fire has started using pinpoint accuracy. Addressable Fire Systems also have the main control panel connected to devices with one looped connection. Direct Trade Supplies has Fike Sita fire devices available to buy, a popular choice for both businesses and homes that are looking to improve upon fire safety.

Another favourite within the Fike fire safety range is Fike Twinflex systems which use a simpler construction to the Addressable systems. Fike Twinflex uses two wires to operate a two zonal protection. The Twinflex is easy to use and cheaper to buy than typical Addressable fire device units.

Prevent Fires From Spreading By Using Fike Fire Systems

Fike fire units are adaptable for any location or building; whether it is company offices, schools or homes, you can install fire systems by Fike and become prepared for any fire outbreaks. Simply having Fike fire systems around the place will make you feel more relaxed and at ease with the proposition of a fire starting.

If that unlucky day comes and a fire does start within the building then rest assured Fike fire devices will alert you instantly, possibly saving lives and livelihoods. Why install cheap fire systems when you can pay that bit more for reliable fire systems like those found within the Fike product range.