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For over twenty years, Yorkshire-based Hyco manufacturer has been developing solutions for water and space heating, as well as hand dryers. At Direct Trade Supplies, we carry a number of solutions that are fit for use in a number of commercial, retail and hospitality applications, and all at affordable prices. 

These high quality heaters are a product of continuous innovation and development. If you need powerful, energy-efficient solutions for your place of business, the products in the Hyco range make a smart choice.

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Electric water heating is a more efficient way of heating your water supply. As electric immersion heats the water directly, rather than the pipes or tanks, the result is water that's hot quickly and when you need it, without the hassle and common plumbing problems that can otherwise arise. 

The line of electric water heaters from Hyco are made with forward-thinking technology that provides the performance you need with energy efficiency in mind. At Direct Trade Supplies, you'll find a wide range of products available: 
  • Electric water heaters, hand dryers and more available 
  • Shop for wall-mount, under-sink or freestanding models to suit your space requirements 
  • Products available under standard 1-year manufacturer warranty 
  • Products protected by white, corrosion-proof case 
Hyco electric heaters are an especially smart choice if you have off-peak hours, making it a great solution for 24-hour businesses. Many models come with settings that allow you to heat the water during these times to ensure a full tank of hot water is available throughout the day, while booster settings can be used during peak periods to ensure a continuous supply of hot water. 

Save on shipping costs when you spend £50 on Hyco heaters 

At Direct Trade Supplies, we're proud to stock brands such as Hyco that offer the best blend of technology, smart design and affordability. 

Whether you need a single unit or multiple to fit out an office, hotel, restaurant, factory or other setting, you'll find products that meet your specifications from Hyco. When you spend £50 on more on your order, Direct Trade Supplies will cover the costs of shipping, dispatching you order to you quickly and free of charge. Contractors and plumbers should contact us directly to learn about the further discounts available on large bulk orders, too. 

Hyco water heaters are a smart investment for businesses of all sizes, and the comprehensive 1-year guarantee means you can buy with added confidence. To find out more about the products in this manufacturer's line, enquire about bulk buying or to place an order, contact Direct Trade Supplies today on 01752 261211.