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Horstmann CentaurPlus Series 2 Heating Programmer (White)
Code: C17
EXCL. VAT: £29.00
INCL. VAT: £34.80
Horstmann CentaurPlus Series 2 Electronic Time Control (White)
Code: C27
EXCL. VAT: £29.99
INCL. VAT: £35.99
Horstmann Economy 7 Quartz Time Switch 1 Hour Boost (White)
Code: Horstmann Economy 7 Quartz Timeswitch
EXCL. VAT: £64.00
INCL. VAT: £76.80
Horstmann Electronic 7 Immersion Heater Control (White)
Code: E7QD
EXCL. VAT: £64.00
INCL. VAT: £76.80
Horstmann Electronic Boost Control (White)
Code: BX2000
EXCL. VAT: £70.00
INCL. VAT: £84.00
Horstmann ChannelPlus Single Channel 7 Day Programmer (White)
Code: H17XL
EXCL. VAT: £45.00
INCL. VAT: £54.00
Horstmann ChannelPlus 7 Day 2 Channel Programmer (White)
Code: H27XL
EXCL. VAT: £53.00
INCL. VAT: £63.60
Horstmann ChannelPlus Series 2 Programmer (White)
Code: H37XL
EXCL. VAT: £93.00
INCL. VAT: £111.60
Timeguard 1 Channel 7 Day Digital Programmer (White)
Code: TRT034
EXCL. VAT: £27.84
INCL. VAT: £33.41
Showing 1 to 9 of 9 Products
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Every one of us requires some sort of heating appliance to combat the cold chills of the winter, and with Direct Trade Supplies heating controllers you can further enhance your domestic heating solutions. Within our heating controller range you can discover great systems to help control and function your heating.

Domestic heating systems come in a wide variety of forms, from regular radiators to towel rails offering you warmth in the bathroom. The ability to control your appliances from one stand alone heating control panel has its advantages. These heating programmers can help you to control one or several appliances, giving you scope to achieve the correct temperature as well as set timers for when you want the heating to increase or decrease.


Our established range of heating controllers includes heating programmers and control units that allow you to easily oversee your building temperature at any given time or set date. This will offer you greater reassurance that everything is set up correctly and bang inline with what you want or need. This in return will allow you to get on with your daily activities knowing that the perfect temperature will kick in at the desired place and time. Another fantastic factor about installing heating controls is that they will minimise the likelihood of unnecessary energy wastage, saving you precious time and money.

Direct Trade Supplies stock some of the best heating products around, advanced in technology and robust in construction. We are pleased to announce a brilliant relationship with some of the most established and popular brands available on the market today. Brand names such as Horstmann, Timeguard and Grasslin all feature in our electronic heating product selection. Shopping with such renowned names will guarantee you quality performance time and time again.


Although heating control panels use advanced and innovative technology all of them are easy to function. They are made for a wide range of homeowners, so the need for simple to use features is essential and ever present. Whether you are looking to improve the control over your central heating or you require a brand new sink water heater, Direct Trade Supplies can provide you with some of the best products available.