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Red Arrow Arctic 2.5mm Arctic Grade Cable (Yellow)
Code: arctic2.5yel
EXCL. VAT: £88.00
INCL. VAT: £105.60
Ansell Sleek Led 110V - (yellow and white)
Code: ASBLED/110V
EXCL. VAT: £11.33
INCL. VAT: £13.60
Knightsbridge 110V 2D 38W Task Light 6400K (Yellow)
Code: TL110
EXCL. VAT: £18.72
INCL. VAT: £22.46
Kosnic 10W Rechardgeable Portable Work Light
Code: KPWLLS10Q165
EXCL. VAT: £33.97
INCL. VAT: £40.76
Kosnic 110V 55W Led Linear Work Light,Diecast Aluminium,
Code: KPWL55L54
EXCL. VAT: £89.62
INCL. VAT: £107.54
Red Arrow 110V IP44 Site Light (Yellow)
Code: LF3937A
EXCL. VAT: £55.00
INCL. VAT: £66.00
Red Arrow 18W 110V LED Hand Held Site Light
Code: GLH18
EXCL. VAT: £23.32
INCL. VAT: £27.98
RED ARROW 20W Led Task Light 110V 16A Plug/socket C/w 3m Cable
Code: ST20LED110V
EXCL. VAT: £32.56
INCL. VAT: £39.07
Red Arrow Arctic 1.5mm Arctic Grade Cable (Yellow)
Code: Arctic1.5ye
EXCL. VAT: £49.00
INCL. VAT: £58.80
RED ARROW Led Emergency Maint. Fitting - 110V (White)
Code: 110AC50LED
EXCL. VAT: £14.96
INCL. VAT: £17.95
Showing 1 to 10 of 10 Products
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More Information
Some professions need specific light fixtures to help keep visibility to its maximum and here Direct Trade Supplies you can find many advanced heavy duty site lighting to make the job easier. Sometimes using standard lamps or light fixtures will fail to provide you with the lighting you need. Situations such as building sites, factories and other industrial set ups require special lights to benefit workers.

Direct Trade Supplies can provide you with many great lighting that can withstand the harsh elements outside and will stand strong in busy, dirty and poorly lit areas. We stock many industrial site lights and accessories, from floodlights to durable cables, all of which are made to perform well in scenarios where standard lighting will fail. Our range of industrial lighting features some of the best brands and models available on the market.


Within our site lighting range you can find excellent models from well established brands, names such as Red Arrow set the benchmark, they are specialists in creating on site lights and supplying lighting for factories and other industrial arenas. They understand that in some cases you need more power and resistant than regular lights, tailoring their trade towards harsher and more demanding environments.

You can now select from floodlights and task lights, to other on site light accessories such as cables and plugs. Every single piece of industrial equipment by Red Arrow is guaranteed to provide longevity and durability, helping those inside or outside to see clearly and carry out their job safely. All of the products within our industrial lighting selection have been quality checked, assessed and passed.


In some circumstances it is absolutely vital to own high powered lighting. Lights that not only display brilliant energy saving properties or a powerful beam but lighting that reacts well to demanding and tough environments. Not having the correct outdoor lighting or perhaps indoor lighting for factories may just inhibit your workers safety and the performance of the job at hand.

If you are on the hunt for quality lighting for industrial situations then you have come to the right place. Our selection of outdoor lighting will serve you and your work force proud. This lighting is here to do the job that others can not.