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BG Electrical 13A Fused Connection Unit (Grey)
Code: WP53
EXCL. VAT: £11.11
INCL. VAT: £13.33
BG Electrical RCD 13A Latching Fused Connection Unit (White)
Code: WP55RCD
EXCL. VAT: £18.85
INCL. VAT: £22.62
Fusebox Weatherproof Acc Enclosure 1G IP65 (Grey)
Code: WP1GE
EXCL. VAT: £6.99
INCL. VAT: £8.39
Fusebox Weatherproof Acc Enclosure 2G IP65 (Grey)
Code: WP2GE
EXCL. VAT: £9.00
INCL. VAT: £10.80
Fusebox Weatherproof Acc Enclosure 2x1G IP65 (Grey)
Code: WP2X1E
EXCL. VAT: £10.99
INCL. VAT: £13.19
ML ACCESSORIES IP66 13A Fused Spur Unit
Code: IP6000
EXCL. VAT: £8.34
INCL. VAT: £10.01
ML ACCESSORIES IP66 13A Switched Fused Spur Unit
Code: IP6300
EXCL. VAT: £9.89
INCL. VAT: £11.87
Timeguard Single Gang 13A Fused Spur
Code: WXT104N
EXCL. VAT: £52.56
INCL. VAT: £63.07
Showing 1 to 8 of 8 Products
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More Information
If you require control over your electrical devices from outdoors then our external spurs can help you to do so. Sometimes using a spur outside is a necessity, it could be that this is the only way you can gain control over your fuse connection. On the other hand it could be that using an external spur is more of a convenience than anything; giving you that option should you need it.

Whether it is essential or just a minor perk, all of our outdoor spurs are durable and resistant enough to withstand the elements outside. They are all weatherproof devices which have all been created with demanding environments in mind; they are the perfect electronic accessories for both domestic and commercial situations.


Direct Trade Supplies can ensure you some of the best outdoor spurs, switches and sockets on the market. We sell advanced double pole switch sockets and outdoor power kits by BG, as well as BG spurs and button switches to help you action your power and fuse connections. All of these items have been produced with wind and rain in mind, going through meticulous testing before they are released, helping to guarantee high levels of performance.

Although an external spur can be used in domestic set ups, they are mainly tailored towards scenarios that frequently need to have control over power outside, places such as factories and building sites. Maybe an external spur will action a power supply inside the building or it may be a spur that correlates with a device already outside. There are countless situations where these outdoor spurs can be a positive fixture.


A weatherproof spur can ensure safe working outside, they use greater reinforcement and advanced materials to enable a fully functioning device what ever the weather. They possess a resistant nature which sets them far apart from ordinary spurs.

Working with a regular spur outside comes with its dangers, your system will not only be a lot more susceptible to potential damage but you also run the risk of electric shocks or your power supplies and fuses completely blowing out. So why not minimise this danger by using an external spur from Direct Trade Supplies today!