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Robus Proton 360ø Pir, IP20, 69mm, (White)
Code: RPR360PIRF-01
EXCL. VAT: £14.73
INCL. VAT: £17.68
Robus Proton 360ø Pir, IP20, 75mm, White
Code: RPR360PIRR-01
EXCL. VAT: £12.11
INCL. VAT: £14.53
Robus Universal Recessed/Surface 360 Degree PIR (White)
Code: RU360-01
EXCL. VAT: £25.83
INCL. VAT: £31.00
Robus Recessed Presence Detector 360 Degrees PIR (White)
Code: RR360-01
EXCL. VAT: £11.92
INCL. VAT: £14.30
Robus Radar 360 Mw Sensor, With 3 Step Dimming, IP65, White
Code: RRD360MW-01
EXCL. VAT: £68.15
INCL. VAT: £81.78
Knightsbridge Wall Mounted PIR Sensor IP20 (White)
Code: PIR0901
EXCL. VAT: £13.98
INCL. VAT: £16.78
KSR Lighting Internal Surface PIR Sensor
Code: KSR8404
EXCL. VAT: £8.75
INCL. VAT: £10.50
Timeguard Motion Sensor PIR Light Switch (White)
Code: ZV810N
EXCL. VAT: £23.57
INCL. VAT: £28.28
Timeguard PDRS1500 360 deg Ceiling PIR Presence Detector - Surface Mount
Code: PDRS1500
EXCL. VAT: £32.50
INCL. VAT: £39.00
Timeguard PIR Presence Detector 2000W Surface Mount (White)
Code: PDSM361
EXCL. VAT: £26.99
INCL. VAT: £32.39
Showing 1 to 10 of 10 Products
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More Information
Kit your house out with some money saving, energy reducing and highly advanced smart home automation, starting with a wall mounted PIR. PIR stands for passive infrared sensor, they are small devices that use infrared technology to sense movement and in return activate lights. Scenarios including the hallway at night time and rooms where activity is sparse can truly benefit from a PIR lighting device.
With Direct Trade Supplies you can equip your home with a variety of PIR lights, some are  for external use outdoors, whereas others are built for inside the home or office. All of our wall mounted PIRs for outside have been built with the harshest elements in mind, guaranteeing a quality performance whatever the weather. You can even discover the dusk to dawn wall mounted PIR, a sensor which furthers intelligence by monitoring the ambient light levels outside, activating security, porch or driveway lights when dusk eventually arrives. 


The advantages of installing a wall mounted passive infra-red sensor over conventional switched lighting is that your lights only need to be turned on when somebody is present. Once these are activated a light or power socket will automatically switch on, very desirable for disorientated walks to the bathroom at midnight. Applying these quality PIRs to your home or business is a smart move for anyone looking to save money on their electric bills, not to mention the added convenience of not having to turn on the lights via switches. This is smart home automation at its simplest, easy to install and extremely effortless to maintain.
We are proud to announce a strong partnership with LightwaveRF, they are a leading name within smart home automation, specialists in delivering futuristic values to our present day. When you purchase a LightwaveRF PIR device you are guaranteed a top performing product. It will serve you, your family and your staff proud, making the routines of everyday life a whole lot smoother and helping you to stay in tune with exciting contemporary products. 


Whether you are seeking external motion sensors such as the dusk to dawn PIR or you require a PIR device for your hallway, you can discover all the devices you need when you explore Direct Trade Supplies range of smart home automation. There is no need to continue to burn your money away when you dont need the lights on 24/7, also you no longer need to constantly reach for that light switch when you can simply walk past and activate the bulb, come and apply some brilliant technology to your domestic or commercial outfits by installing top quality PIR systems.