Megaman Dino LED Battens

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Megaman 19.5W Dino 2 4000K LED Batten (Silver)
Code: 190781
EXCL. VAT: £27.47
INCL. VAT: £32.96
Megaman 22.5W Dino 2 4000K LED Batten (Silver)
Code: 190782
EXCL. VAT: £28.14
INCL. VAT: £33.77
Megaman 22.5W Dino 4000K LED Batten (Silver)
Code: 190291
EXCL. VAT: £28.14
INCL. VAT: £33.77
Megaman New 41.5W Dino 4000K, 4300 Lm, Ra80, Grey
Code: 190784
EXCL. VAT: £40.40
INCL. VAT: £48.48
Saxby Lighting LED Anti Corrosive Single IP65 27W (Frosted Grey)
Code: 60831
EXCL. VAT: £23.25
INCL. VAT: £27.90
Showing 1 to 5 of 5 Products
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More Information
Our new range of Dino LED Battens by Megaman are certain to be a great hit for commercial outlets looking for suitable pieces of lighting for areas with limited space. Replacing the energy hungry and often prone to breaking fluorescent tubes, these Dino battens are friendlier to the environment and your wallet.

Using top quality integrated LED technology these battens are well prepared to shed out decent light for half the cost compared to halogens or compact fluorescents. The streamline shape of the Dino LED battens makes them perfect for locations with limited space, they will fill the gap that other lighting will fail to fulfil. 

Save Energy & Space Using Megaman Dino LED Battens

Within our range of LED battens by Megaman you can select from a few wattages and these range from 19.5w, 25.5w, 39w, 46w and 70w. It all depends on the area you wish to illuminate and how powerful your lighting system needs to be. For a small area such as a shed or workshop you might be inclined to look towards the lower wattage scale but for larger areas that require a broader and more powerful distribution of light then the higher wattage scale should suffice.

Megaman suggest that the Dino LEDs are perfect to apply inside or out, although they seem to be popular for places such as car parks, warehouses and underground locations. You needn't worry about them being too flimsy for the job because each LED batten comes prepared with vandal-proof materials for a robust shell around the delicate yet intelligent LED lamps inside.

Commercial Lighting Doesn't Come Much More Efficient Than The Dino LED Battens By Megaman

Megaman are an established and leading name within the lighting industry so rest assured what you'll receive is going to be quality. The brand are constantly launching new products in-line with the growing demand for reliable and energy saving lights. You can be sure to see many more Megaman lighting ranges to populate our online store over the coming months. 

All of our electrical goods have been fully tested for performance and safety benefits. Quality checks are carried out on all of our lighting prior to them being released. We strive to bring you the latest products by the most well known brands within the electrical world so please get in touch should you spot something you like or you'd like to know more about our service.