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Find A Wide Selection Of Tubular Light Bulbs For Less

Save on tubular light bulbs at Direct Trade Supplies. We stock a number of these bulbs from trusted electrical manufacturers, so it's easy to find everything you need to illuminate your commercial or industrial property quickly and easily.

The small, compact design of tubular light bulbs makes them ideal for use in small and concealed lighting applications, such as around pictures, mirrors and other similar placements. With a number of wattages on offer, you can get the right power to achieve the desired effect in your establishment.

Tubular Light Bulbs Are Small And Compact

Find different sized tubular light bulbs for use in a number of situations. These small lights can often be used in paintings, making them a common choice of restaurants, hotels, event and conference halls as well as any other establishment that utilises a lot of wall-hung décor.

There are many benefits of installing tubular light bulbs, such as their long shelf life. Despite them being easy to install and change, you won't need to worry about it often as they last for years. Simple, powerful and effective, tubular light bulbs are already the choice of countless business across Britain, and it's not hard to see why.
  • Find bulbs from trusted brand names like Megaman and others
  • Get colour temperatures like cool and warm white
  • Easy screw-in installation allows for quick placement
  • Many tubular light bulbs have an estimated shelf life of 1,000 hours
  • These bulbs are easy to replace and come covered under warranty
These bulbs allow you to set the desired mood and tone throughout your establishment without having to do any extensive refurbishment or renovations. Simple additions such as spot lighting when used effectively can transform the look and feel of a building, and these tiny bulbs are ideal for just that.

Save On Tubular Light Bulbs With Direct Trade Supplies  

Energy saving tubular light bulbs are available to help you lower your energy and operating costs. To help you save even more money, we also offer a number of shopping perks such as additional discounts on large bulk orders. Whether you're a tradesman stocking up on must-have items or a business in need of high quality electrical products, you'll find what you are looking for and for less at Direct Trade Supplies.