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Saxby Lighting LED Driver Constant Voltage 12W 12V (Red)
Code: 43810
EXCL. VAT: £7.43
INCL. VAT: £8.92
Saxby Lighting LED Driver Constant Current 12W 350mA (White)
Code: 43816
EXCL. VAT: £6.67
INCL. VAT: £8.00
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Find Halogen Reflector Bulbs For Less At Direct Trade Supplies

If you're looking for halogen reflector bulbs suitable for use in both interior and exterior light fixtures, you'll find something that fits the bill in our selection.

We carry a number of halogen reflector bulbs from trusted manufacturers, all of which are designed to be energy-efficient and maximise the amount of light produced using very little energy. If you're searching for a cost-effective way to brighten up stairwells, offices, waiting areas and other rooms throughout your premises, halogen reflector bulbs provide the perfect solution.

Find Halogen Reflector Bulbs For All Your Lighting Needs

Halogen reflector bulbs are ideal for use in spotlighting, or lighting contained areas. The small and compact design of these bulbs means they're fit for use in a number of lighting fixtures, and are suitable for commercial, industrial and even domestic applications.

Halogen reflector bulbs have a long shelf life, reducing the number of times you have to change them, helping you save money on operating costs even further. The low heat emission means they're suitable for use in rooms that involve chemicals or food preparation, so they're a smart choice for a number of industrial and commercial ventures.
  • Find halogen reflector bulbs manufactured by Steinel, Philips, Aurora Lighting and more
  • Choose bulbs that give off either warm or cool light depending on your preference
  • Most products come covered under manufacturer warranty
Find halogen reflector bulbs suited for use in recessed ceiling lighting as well as wall mount fixtures, freestanding lamps, display lighting and more. You can also find a number of bulbs designed to work with exterior lighting to help lower the costs of running securing lights as well.

Shop Our Wide Selection Of Halogen Reflector Bulbs

Halogen is becoming an increasingly popular lighting solution on account of it's inexpensive nature and high performance, and now you can incorporate it into your place of business too.

If you're buying in bulk, there is the potential for further savings as well. At Direct Trade Supplies, we're proud to offer the best electrical products on the market at competitive prices, so that businesses across the UK can have affordable access to energy-saving products for use indoors and out. Browse our collection of halogen reflector bulbs today, and find all the accompanying accessories and tools for easy installation and maintenance.