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Find A Wide Selection Of LED Light Fittings At Direct Trade Supplies

Get the best selection of LED light fittings available online at Direct Trade Supplies. We carry a number of freestanding, wall mount, flush mount and ceiling mount light fixtures that give you plenty of options when it comes to energy-efficient illumination. Whether you're looking for flood lights to use in your car park or outdoor storage area or for the perfect ceiling fan light, you'll find what you need in our wide selection.  

From restaurants to shops, commercial offices, hotels, factories and warehouses, the number of properties in which you can use our light fittings are endless. We have affordable, stylish and high-performance solutions that can be used by a number of businesses, and all at incredibly low prices.

Browse Light Fittings For Both Indoor And Outdoor Use  

Enjoy a selection of light fittings in a number of finishes, including aluminium, chrome, nickel, brass, silver and many more. With the variety available, you'll find something suitable for use in any building.

You'll find:
  • LED, halogen and traditional GLS light fittings available
  • Browse products from top brand name manufacturers such as Saxby, Fulleon, Kosnic, Aurora Lighting, Philips and many others
  • Most light fittings come with extensive manufacturer warranty
  • Cool white and warm white bulbs available
Whether you need luxurious looking light fittings to make a statement in your retail or hospitality space, or large, simple light fittings to provide illumination to large office buildings, we have a number of solutions available at competitive prices. Many light fittings are available with wall mount or remote control power options too, so you can easily stay in control of the amount of light being emitted as well as operating times.

Save On Light Fittings Available At Direct Trade Supplies

The lighting in your establishment plays a pivotal role in not only providing the right tone and feel for your business, but also in the security of it. Many of our light fittings can be used in conjunction with security systems as they're motion-sensor activated, giving you the best of both safety and performance in one product.

At Direct Trade Supplies, we're proud to offer a number of light fittings at affordable prices. We only stock products that have been manufactured to the highest health and safety standards, so you can be sure they're safe for use in all of your buildings. Items are available to buy individually, or we offer further discounts on large bulk orders.